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I am a beginner and working on my first 6x9 book. I got to chapter 16 (p. 103) and see that although my chapter title is on the correct page (right side), which for better understanding I will call page A. The first page of the chapter is supposed to be on the right side (page C with page B being a blank left page)

What I have is pages B, C, and D are blank and the first page of the chapter starts on page E (right side). I thought I could easily correct this by deleting the unwanted pages (pages C and D). This would move page E up to C position and everything would be good. 

However, for some reason I cannot delete any of the pages I need to delete. I cannot figure out how to solve this problem. Any help would be appreciated.

I am using Windows 2007 and Scribus 1.4.6


hi kiteflyer

Quote from: KiteFlyer on August 27, 2018, 03:28:53 AM...for some reason I cannot delete any of the pages I need to delete.

i don't know of a way to lock pages against deletion.
if you're working with automatic text frames, there's no point in deleting pages behind this chain of frames. in this case you have to delete the frame breaks in your text. (but for performance reasons you should break the text chain in chapters anyway...)