Can't create new paragraph style

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I am very familiar with DTP software, having used InDesign for the last 15 years and QuarkXpress and PageMaker before that. I have just installed Scribus on a Windows 7 64-bit machine, but am having difficulty setting a new paragraph style. When I press F3, the Text Properties pallette comes up (the Edit menu says F4 activates the Style Manager dialog pallette, but that doesn't work). But there is no facility to create a New style - no button, nothing that looks like the illustrations in the various online tutorials that I have checked out, no panel on the LH side of the Style Manager to create a new style. All help appreciated, as I have a major annual report to get out very soon.

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Cancel the above -- the answer was blindingly obvious once I turned on my second screen. The palette was over there. Not quite sure why, but anyway all is well.  :D