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i have problems with persian text in scribus.
persian is right to left language and its letters mostly have more than two types(mostly connected and separate).
the problem is scribus writes persian from left to right(can be solved, i think) and it just uses separate letters.
this way, it cant be used at all.
any help?
thx in advance

Meho R.

Support for Arabic is in still work in progress. I guess when it's solved, Persian will be working too. AFAIK, the only way to write RTL in Scribus at the moment is via Render frame, using LaTeX, but that's suitable only for small snippets of text.


I'm looking forward for Arabic support when it's gonna be implemented?
using Latex won't let you get benefit from cool features of Scribus


any news guys?
it's been a long time!!!


won't happen in 1.6, if 1.6 will be released in he first months of 2013.

i'm trying to find a strategy to get it as a roadmap item for 1.8... but somebody will have to do the work and -- as for now --  we don't have anybody who has the time and skills to work on this!

if you know of anybody who would like to get involved in this, just ring a bell! he or she will get my full support!



it seems to be a QT4 bug! and many other bugs relating to this do exist. as I can see in their issue tracker

good news is that most of these are fixed in QT4.8 version


I am interested in provide support for Arabic, Urdu, Persian language support in Scribus, I have software house in Pakistan, can do all the works, please share the project code with me.

Iqbal Ahmed



please get in touch with me by email ( or come and discuss with us on irc (on the #scribus channel on , or

on irc, please be patient if nobody replies...
there are more quite times and other times where lot of things happens.

the main people you may want to talk about this on irc are avox (or vox, depending on the day), anilankv and myself (mostly a-l-e or a_l_e )... but other people may also have interesting thoughts for you.

for the code:

  • you can get anil's "indic" branch on git:// which is a work in progress to support indic languages
  • you can get the older work by pierre in the which has some work in it to support arabic but is no more maintained (anil's work is based on this branch and ported to the current development 1.5.0 branch which you can find in the git repository or in the main svn trunk.


What's the reaction for:, The codes have been accepted?
Currently, How can we use this patch/extension unofficially?

Quote from: a.l.e on July 05, 2012, 03:29:28 PM
won't happen in 1.6, if 1.6 will be released in the first months of 2013.

i'm trying to find a strategy to get it as a roadmap item for 1.8
~2 next years (:
The right time to bring up this topic!
What's new for supporting RTL?!

I had a discussion with @a-l-e and here are some of lines:
Btw, 1.6 won't be released in the first months of 2013..., 2014: that won't happen either
I think that there is also a team somewhere in north africa working on it...
The biggest problem is not RTL, but character composition...
All in all, there is a scribus version which *is* working for indic scripts but the chances that it will be ever merged in the main scribus is low. there is old code written by a team member but it is not finished
The biggest problem being that the changes needed are big and the until parts of patches/code are reviewed by the team, it's not possible anymore to cleanly compile it.
After all this years, it seems to be a structural problem that cannot be solved without a big big big involvment from the team.
Well, everything depends on the what the team does. from time to time there are sudden progresses that nobody would have foreseen...


The right question to ask is: How can I help?


Quote from: Nermander on May 27, 2014, 09:45:14 PM
The right question to ask is: How can I help?
This question is answered in above replies.

Quote from: a.l.e on October 12, 2012, 09:27:43 AM
Is it a working branch currently?