Weird ux scale when installing scribus 1.5.3 on debian 9

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Hey guys !
I'm having a problem with the 1.5.4 version of scribus. I installed it on my Debian 9, and the interface resolution is really low compare to my screen (see attached screenshot). I don't know if it's the current state of the dev branch, and I just wanted to know if by chance someone knew how to fix this ?

Thanks in advance : )

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what do you mean by low resolution?
that the icons are big?

yes, some of the icons are now too big here too...
it's probably related to the support of high resolution monitors and afaik that part is still not finished...


i started thinking about writing a bug report for this... and while looking at my screen i somehow understood why this issue does not really bother me:

it's a informal good practice to remove all toolbars but the "tools" one (the "real" toolbar : - ) and put it on the left side of the monitor.

among the other toolbars, the only one that is sometimes useful it's the pdf one (and it's only useful if you're creating interactive pdfs).
the command in the other ones can be better reached through the shortcuts or the menus.

i still think, that the buttons could be half as big (at least optionally), but "correctly" configuring scribus will help you getting along : - )

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Hey ! Sorry for the late answer and really thank you for answering !

I. Never. Thought, about putting the toolbar on the left, and it changes my life. Thank you !
But it doesnt change the fact that my icons seem wayyy bigger than yours.

If you say that it's a bug relative to high res support then I'll just wait : )
But isn't weird that older version did support my hq screen while the new doesn't ? (noob question)

Anyway thanks again !

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well, i have to suppose that i have an insane resolution and you just have a higher resolution : - )

you can control the size of the widgets by disabling the qt autoscaling and setting a specific scale:

you can create a small script that starts scribus with a good scale:


where you can replace the 2 by the factor that best suits you. depending on your monitor,