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Importing pdfs as vector graphics

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Maybe the size of the exported pdf was way too big for the printers to handle after all. 400M and they shrunk it someway or other to 40M with a bit of loss of definition in the images. I can almost put up with it as they are for the most part eye-candy thumbnails, shame to have lost so much sharpness though.

Just an idea.
Could you export your “big tables” as markdown table format files?
Then convert markdown table to svg which preserves text?

Search in google ..  export Excel table as markdown

then try these approaches ..    uses Raphael js.

A great editor for markdown is Atom.
Install added package markdown-preview-enhanced.
You can then preview your markdown tables and convert to different file types.
I use the pandoc option.  Pandoc arguments are placed in the yaml header at top of markdown file.


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