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First of all, if you want to generate a PDF file then you will use software.Are there another way to generate PDF file? I have got a site which generate PDF file. This is totally free and I think it is helpful. It can convert any file like doc to pdf. If you want you can try this. I think you will be beneficial. Do have any other way to convert or generate pdf? If you have then tell me. I will be very helpful to you.


 hi bivhab,

i'm not sure what exactly you need.

libreoffice can produce PDF files from DOC files, if this is what you want.

as you wrote, there are also so many online tools that also do that online.


p.s.: i have removed the link you have submitted, since it's not clear to me why you would suggest that tool and one of the many others...


I suggested that tool because the tool can convert any type of file.


Is there any problem in links? Can you put the link again?


when a newcomer posts a link without much of explanation and without saying why that link is particularly good a few alarm bells ring: spam spam spam...

there are lot of such tool that do similar services for free (without being free (in the sense of free software)) and without specifying the reason why they are free.

you're welcome to repost the link if the service is free software (open source) or you can write more about your experience and explain us why it's better than all the other similar tools around.

on the other side there is a good solution that is based on free software: just download libreoffice (or openoffice) and you'll get a free software office suite that can read your doc documents and produce pdfs (among many other things).
if you want a command line tool, pandoc (also a free software tool!) should also be able to convert docx files to pdf.

hope that this explanation helps understanding why i moderate your link.