Scribus 1.5.4 crashes when exported to PDF. What to do?

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I am doing a multipage document in Scribus 1.5.4, which is very urgent. While exporting to PDF, Scribus crashes. What is the remedy?


I am far from being experienced in troubleshooting Scribus but since you write that your need is "very urgent" I offer the checklist I would run through.

"multipage document" is too vague as a description.
What operating system in use(Windows, Linux, Mac)?
What size ram?
How many pages in document?
What mix of text and images?
What language, fonts in use?
What is the size of your *.sla file?
Have you tried Preview?
Have you tried Print Preview?
You can select profile:
PDF 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, X1a, X3, X4, Postscript

Can you try opening *.sla file in XML Copy Editor
In XML Copy Editor validate the document (see buttons in top menu bar).

You have the option to Export as EPS, PDF, Image, SVG, EPS.

Have you tried exporting as other file type?

Here is a similar thread for reference.,2613.msg12090.html#msg12090

Read the last post in that thread and try exporting to a different folder.

Have you ever previously exported a Scribus file as PDF or is this a first?


Operating system is Ubuntu 16.04
Total 40 pages
All pages are having multiple images and text frames
While checking now, it was found that the document could be exported to image format, but crashed again when converted to PDF format


I suggest making a copy for testing and then split into two *.sla files each 20 pages long.

Test to see which of these two "half documents" crash.

Then repeat the process until you find which page(s) cause the crash.

That is what I would do as a process of elimination. 
You have not tried validating the 40 page document in XML Copy Editor?
You have not tried exporting PDF to a different location?