X/Y Positioning Image in Frame by decimals rather than whole numbers

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After scaling the X/Y position of the target becomes off centered.  Using the up or down clicks changes by a hold number which is far too much, rather than a fraction.  The same goes when using the up/down arrow to change the X/Y position.

Is there an easy method to make the changes increment in decimals rather than whole numbers when clicking the up/down button or the up/down arrow keys?

-- L. James

L. D. James


I never remember the modifiers by heart, but holding Alt, Shift, Ctrl etc works as modifiers for this as far as I remember. Or maybe those modifiers are only for the scroll wheel... I tried to search for the documentation but do not know what search term to use.

Opening Scribus I conclude that when using the scroll wheel:

Ctrl changes in steps by 10
Shift changes in steps på 0.1

But I noticed that for me, clicking the arrows in the box make changes in 0.1 steps and not full 1 steps? Does this mean it's configurable and I have forgotten where I changed it? Or does it depend on the units in use? (I'm using mm.)


tested for you:

- the ctrl and shift modifiers work in the way nermander describes when you use the mouse wheel on the value but not when you click on the arrows.
- both modifiers also work when you use the arrows to resize a shape in the "interactive" mode (when the shape is selected on canvas)

for completeness it would probably be good to have them also for the arrows... but i'm not really sure it's so important... imo, there are already enough ways to fine tune and control the shape...
(and as far as i recall, it only works for units where it makes sense...)