User Interface Scaling

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I'm trying to use Scribus on a Microsoft Surface Book, which has a resolution of 3000 x 2000. Because of this, in order for the device to even be usable, Windows upscales everything (the OS and all of my programs) by 200%. The only issue though is that the 200% scale that is defined in my Windows settings doesn't affect Scribus, which means that Scribus' user interface is almost unreadable and pretty much unusable.

Is there any way to scale up the user interface within Scribus?



if you're using Scribus 1.4.x i fear that there will never be any support for hdpi monitors. (i don't even think Qt4 has support for it)
but it should be possible to manually scale it and nothing will interfere with your efforts to get a usable state.

for Scribus 1.5.x the support is a work in progress.
currently, i have the feeling that the scaling now works rather well... but there is no way to have a smaller interface...
it's not as nice as it could be, but it's definitively usable!