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For many years I've been using a diary from a particular manufacturer which I'm very happy with. Unfortunately, they're now being discontinued this summer which means I have to find another diary to suit my needs. 

Or, make my own using Scribus... The diary is an 18 month planner style with 48 pages, overall size of each page is 173mm high x 92mm wide. Each month is viewed across 2 pages. Can anyone give me a pointer as to how to set this up.  Do I use single pages or two fold pages ? If single pages, then how do I print them two to a page ?

I've got up to 7 months to learn how to use Scribus, but if anyone can help advise me on where to start  I would be very grateful.




your project is probably doable... but i have not seen the result you want to achieve...

some pointers:

- use multi duplicate
- if you layout two pages at a time or single pages, depend on how you will print the project (it will probably be easier to layout in the way you will see it on paper)
- guides might be helpful, try to avoid the grid (even if it looks like a good way of doing)

the best approach is probably to starting creating your document and share here the .sla and .pdf you will have and get feedback.

this having being said, a diary is not a typical work for scribus... but it's not that bad at it either...
but i'm not aware of any tool that is made for such a task : - )

happy learning!


Quote from: tdubya211 on May 27, 2019, 11:04:44 PM
If single pages, then how do I print them two to a page ?

That's not a task for Scribus, but an impositioning software. Placing several pages on a sheet for printing is called impositioning.

For just plain booklet printing you can usually use any PDF viewer (it's usually a selection in the printing dialogue). For more complex impositions there are better tools.

This page may be a bit outdated

Unfortunately few of these tools have any GUI helping you create the imposition.


Thank you guys for your replies... I'm beginning to think this is going to be way more complicated than I thought.  I'm prepared to invest my time in learning so that I can continue to use the diary format I'm used to.

The diary is 18 month, with each month on view across two pages.  There are 12 sheets printed on both sides, folded in the middle to create the booklet form.  The middle pages has September across the whole of the same side, on the reverse you have half of October on one side, with half of August on the other.  I'm sorry but I assumed possibly wrongly that Scribus or In Design would let you design each full two page spread and then magically sort out the printing for you.

Thanks again.



Scribus will create a PDF that you can print, yes.

But the question is: will you print the diary on your own office / home printer or send it to a commercial print shop for printing?

If you're going to print it "at home", you'll probably need  software for doing the imposition: putting the pages as layouted onto the each sheet of paper.

If you're sending it to a print shop, you will normally send a double faced PDF and they'll figure out how to get onto the paper.

Both are doable.


P.S: you have lot of time ahead, so start doing something and showing it for review...
the best way from beginner to a professional looking result is some exercise... not long discussions on how one could do it : - )


Thank you a.l.e,

You're right I have plenty of time, so I'll get stuck into some tutorials and start trying to work up the middle pages which is the whole of September on one side with half of August and October on the other.  My plan is to get it printed properly on good quality paper.

Any recommendations for tutorials on the basics of creating forms using rows and columns please?

Thank you again for the encouragement too..


To learn to make impositions you could just make a test document with huge page numbers (or month namnes if you prefer).

Most of the impositioning tools on the page I linke to create a new PDF, so when trying out you do not need to test actual print until you see it seems to look as it should.

Especially if you want to print double sided, there are two things that need to be right:
1. The placement of pages on each sheet
2. How the back side of the sheet is rotated (does the printer tumble or turn when printing duplex?)