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Dual monitors with Scribus 1.4 RC6 on Windows XP Pro 64



I'm french user of Scribus, habitually on Fedora for personal usage. But for my job, I'm on Windows. We are "traditionaly" working with InDesign, but I encourage a few people interested in using Scribus. Everything is going relatively well, but I have a small problem with my two monitors :
I open a document on the first monitor and I put the palettes on the second. I close Scribus and when I re-open, all the palettes are piled on the left.

Watch this :

Before -->
After -->
I searched the archives, I found nothing except this thread :
and the answer :

What can I do to keep the palettes in their place ?
Is it a bug or not ?

Thank you for your attention,


hello jean-charles

i work on a single monitor, but scribus should remember the positions of the palettes.
i recommend to file a bug report on – usually they care about…


I also work on a single monitor before and I had no problem : the palettes remained in place.
On the other hand, I note that Inkscape does not have this problem with palettes open on the second monitor.

I will report the bug in Mantis.



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