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Most frames all black after reinstall

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can you please share one of the documents?


How can I sent it: I dont want it public.

hi ulfa

i have never seen this in scribus 1.5.4. but when i open a file from scribus 1.5.4 with 1.5.3 this is the usual behavior – at least with my files.
the way scribus deals with colors has changed in some way between 1.5.3 and 1.5.4 – there's no backward campatibility.

do you really see this in scribus 1.5.4?


My collegue made the document in version 1.5.3. It is a regular four page information document. Each version starts with a copy of last and reworks with new content. I was not involved at all. In the meantime my PC went down during an update of win 10. After a repair of win 10 i installed latest scribus 1.5.4 and gs923w64.exe. My collegue made the same win 10 update and got the black frames when loading the document again in 1.5.3 and requested help. The same black frames showed up in my pc with 1.5.4. 


you can send me a private message with a link where i can download a file or ask me for my email address where you can send the .sla file.

but i'm more and more thinking that people who are not ready to upload a file for inspection (because they fear being stolen?) should send me 10 units of a common currency (dollars, euros, franks, pounds, ...) per post mail...

or i should setup a tipping account somewhere? : - )
i have to think about it...

now, you already have set me a private message and you just got a reply from with instructions...



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