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Most frames all black after reinstall

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i got the .sla and all the colors are defined as almost black...

do you have a backup of a file that still has the "correct" colors?


The backup file is much older and not with the final content. The colours looks however ok in that file. As you don't have a simple answer that explains the behaviour I believe the best way is to start with a earlier version next time and hope the black frames were created by our mistake and not something in the program code. Next issue is in the end of june. If this occur again I will be back. So far many thanks for your engagemant.

ulfa, it's about finding out what has happened and trying to identify the bug.

all colors in your .sla are in LAB format and the L and A values are zeroed.

it would be interesting to know if you always had the colors in LAB format or if they originally were RGB.
since most colors come from SVG files, i would guess that they used to be RGB...

that's way it would be interesting to see an older .sla and know from you if you did change any color setting inbetween.

i got jean to have a look at this thread and he noticed what is the likely issue:

"you" seem to have opened a 1.5.4 file with 1.5.3...
that might have triggered the issue!

please be aware that:

- there is no promise of compatibility between development branches (it mostly works ok, but there is no promise made! on the other side, much more effort is done for the upgrades from a stable version to the next...)
- it's not "possible" to add a warning in 1.5.3 when opening a file created with 1.5.4 (1.5.3 is a "dead" branch that does not get any updates anymore)


I have sent a file from March 2018 to a.l.e . That file was the base for next issue edited in May 2018. It is important to say that the error occured in 1.5.3 but in connection with the windows 2018-03 update.


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