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Most frames all black after reinstall

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During windows update recently I had to install scribus. Most text frames are all black but the text is visible in the editor window. In properties window the colors is showing black in left column. I have installed 1.5.4 and gs 9.23. windows 10 latest version. What have happened? What can I do to get back to normal?

I've never heard of such an issue...

Can you share a file where you see all black?

I begin with a screen cut

Looks like all background colors are set to black. If none is used it will be tranparent but in all other cases black. My partner have the same problem after windows update now in april 2018. We are using the same styles.

When I am making a new document and a frame I can set background colours as expected. Copy paste a frame from the "black and wrong" document adding a number of colours to select from. All these new colours have regular colour-names but shows black. They are all marked as a type "L in a square". What is the meaning of this L-type? Looks like the problem is there.

The work around is to make a new document and hope to stay away from "L-type" colours. My fear is however that this misbehaviour is ralated to the windows update in april. Both my fresh install of 1.5.4 and my collegues present 1.5.3 shows the same symtom after latest win 10 update.


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