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I have just installed Scribus and have spent the afternoon watching very helpful youtube tutorials by Kevin Pugh. These give a very clear understanding of the basics.
The reason I am learning Scribus is because a Professor I am helping type and format books for, wants to publish hard and electronic versions of his books.
Some books that have already been created in MSWord have been published using InDesign by someone else. The latest book is about 350 pages (A4) and includes a TOC and an Index. The Index has several hundred links, many of them referencing multiple pages. The Index item are at present in an separate file (concordance.doc) that will automate the process of creating the Index.
From what I have read so far, it sounds as though this won't be possible using Scribus unless it is fully created in MSWord, then the text copied and pasted into a Scribus document, making sure the page numbers all line up with the original. Am I understanding this correctly?
And of course, this would only work for printed copy. Electronic (EBooks) would not be able to update page info. Would Bookmarks be a solution? A huge job if it can't be automated.
If anyone has overcome this problem, I would be very grateful to hear.


i'm creating plugins for both the TOC and epub export...

they can be used in their experimental form and give ok results.

a first release is planned for the summer.

contributions are welcome!


(currently, i'm working on getting the API to use namespaces and as much C++ 11 as possible (instead of relying on Qt))