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Imposition Plugin for Scribus ?

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I have not used it in awhile but you could try:  (though it only uses standard sizes and does not understand bleed)

There used to be one called jImposition but I cannot seem to find it and it looks like no one retrieved the project code from Google Code before it shut down in 2015 and another one named multivalent, but I think that one is a command line only.

Not many free options for the mac and I have not used them, but here are some inexpensive ones such as:

or you could try your local copy/printshop, I usually charge $1.00/page to impose a file for a customer.  I hope these get you to a starting point.


found another one:

and maybe:

again I have not used these before.


for simple booklets, you can often just use your pdf reader / printer driver and set it to print a booklet...

Thank you all for these answers, will check them out.

There are still some decisions to make regarding the format. It will be most likely printed on a A1 or A2 sheet, not at home, so want to have the document set right. I am trying to get the whole workflow clear before start designing


I think jPDFtk is one of the more competent solutions, but it takes a lot to "design" a imposition in it. No real GUI, but rather using numbers.


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