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Imposition Plugin for Scribus ?

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can somebody tell me, how do i install the Imposition Plugin for Scribus on a mac? I have Scribus 1.5.4 installed. And..Is it worth it?

Thank you

there is not solution inside of scribus.

a few people are using and they're happy with it.

personally, i'm using pdfnup and similar command line tools on linux.
i even have a script that also runs partially inside of scribus for some tasks and i might consider getting it to be even more "inside" of scribus...
but i have no concrete plans yet (and i have other priorities!)

you might try pdfnup and the command line tools if you're on linux or on mac and you're comfortable with using the command line.

Thank you a.l.e

I'll check that pdfsam out. Also will check pdfnup if this could add functionality? I am on a mac. Although it is not the same, I have some experience with ffmpeg using terminal for video compression, so I can give it a try I guess. Anyways it would be great if you know of any tutorial or so, to get me started.


Are you just interested in n-up imposition or also other imposition such as making booklets?


hi, I am interested in booklet imposition, I am starting a little (self publishing) project.


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