Underexposed image regions are marked green

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A photo with some dark regions loaded in an image frame gets apparently  colored green in that areas, viewed in Scribus. This is exported to PDF and also printed.

The same photo with less contrast is not colored green.

The image is not really underexposed. How can I disable this behaviour?


My guess is that what you are seeing it the "out of gamut" warning.

Short version: Not all colors that can be represented in RGB colorspace can be reproduced in CMYK colorspace. They are "out of gamut". Scribus can warn you about such colors.

I guess you have turned on color management without understanding how color management works.

My primary advice is: Don't turn on color management unelss you know how it works.


I saved all my images used in the content as CMYK but then, that's what the printers demanded anyway. It made the 'out of gamut' highlighting go away, which was nice.