Running both 1.4.6 and 1.5.3

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I assume that I can download and install 1.5.3 whilst retaining my 1.4.6 installation? Does it just put them in different Folders / Directories.

I am very happy with 1.4.6 and use it daily. However, I read that in 1.5.3 I can Import a PDF and then create text / image frames over the top? This functionality would be VERY useful to me in the next few days. I have an Workbook for a course I am undertaking and I need to complete all the answers in the workbook. The document has been sent to me as a series of PDFs and Word Docs. I thought I can just PDF the Word Docs and then load all the PDF's into Scribus as a single document and simply create text frames where I need to insert my responses / answers- and finally print the whole thing as a PDF and submit it?

Many thanks


yes you can install both side by side.

and for the word / pdf thing, scribus is not a pdf editor... but you might be able to achieve what you want to do without too much pain...


Many thanks.

I uninstalled 1.4.6

and installed 1.4.7 and 1.5.4

So I've got latest Stable and latest development.

I'm assuming there's no backward compatibility?

If I create new in 1.5.4 then I can't open in 1.4.7

And if I start new in 1.4.7 and then open in 1.5.4 and save changes- again, I can't open in 1.4.7?

Many thanks


So they say
(that's why the stable 1.4.x is still recommended; you can't go back if anything fails with your 1.5.x file)


Of course you should choose for your projects the one or the other Scribus version.

You cannot go back and forth.