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Two problems with Scribus 1.5.3 running under Mac OSX

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you should break from time to time the flow of your linked frames.
as an example, by creating a flow for each chapter.

in 1.5 you can break it and keep the text in place.

drop shadows are also a feature that will make your comptuer crawl (if you use it / if you use it too much)

That might be it then, I'd kind of assumed that one long text frame was better than separate ones.... the wrong way round! In future documents I'll have separate chapters.

james, how do you start scribus?
buy double clicking a document or through the application icon?

if it's the first case, can you try to open it "directly"? without any document?


yes, you can get scribus from here install it and then open with it your scribus files!

Are there any images in this file? If so and they are large and resized this may be the cause.
Has there been any recent updates to OSX? Something may be broken (or fixed) in an update that causes this issue.


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