During PDF-Export my renderframes are moved

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I have a big problem right now. Everything still looks right in Scribus, but as soon as I export, the render frames move. When I print directly from Scribus, everything works. The first picture shows the render frames in Scribus, the second picture shows a screenshot from the pdf.

Does anyone know this problem and can they help me?

Thank you

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Welcome to the forum MartinL.

I don't use render frames much myself but I would say this was a bug concerning the render frame resolution.

The problem can be seen with this basic workflow:
* Open Scribus and cancel the "New Document" dialog;
* Go to "Preferences / External Tools" and set the resolution for Render Frames to 72dpi;
* Create a new document;
* Insert a render frame;
* Export to PDF.

The PDF looks fine.

Now try the same workflow, but set the resolution for the render frame to be 144dpi.

The contents of the render frame are now different in Scribus to that when exported to PDF.

See attached screenshots:
* render_scribus_72.jpg (in Scribus with 72dpi resolution)
* render_pdf_72.jpg (exported PDF with 72dpi resolution)
* render_scribus_144.jpg (in Scribus with 144dpi resolution)
* render_pdf_144.jpg (exported PDF with 144dpi resolution)

Unfortunately, I don't know how to fix this. Maybe someone else can.

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I've just noticed that you can get similar results by changing the DPI via the "Edit Source" function.
After doing this, you may also have to resize the render frame to see the results rendered fully again - not very helpful (and misleading to the user).
And, some of the text formatting changes too - e.g. the formula in the default LaTeX moves across the frame depending on DPI.
All-in-all, render frames need a bit of work doing to them.