Left-alignment of text frames in master pages aligns about 1/2 cm in

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I am typesetting a book, but the printers has sent it back several times, claiming that the page numbers are misaligned. Since I have centered the page numbers, this is confusing. But they provide pictures that overlay two pages and true enough. I rechecked and the page numbers in the master pages are centered to the margins. So I tried centering them to the pages instead. They came back from the printers with the same comment. I rechecked again. And it turns out that the page numbers were not perfectly centered. Indeed, all text written in any text frame in a master page is aligned about 0.5 centimeters from the left border of the text frame - and that is what the centering is based on. This means that the centering is always pushed a bit to the right. I have tried changing font and using normal text instead of page numbers. The result is the same. If I try right-aligning the page numbers, they are aligned perfectly. There are no blank spaces or anything else in the text frame. I have tried this in multiple documents and it's the same everywhere.

For now, the solution for me has been to left-align the text and then move the text frame to the left of the place I want it to be so that the text starts where I want it to be, but it's a hassle and is much less precise. It makes centering almost impossible, so I had to move the page numbers to the margins (left for left pages and right for right pages).

Is this a bug, a feature that I cannot understand the meaning of or something that I am doing wrong?

I use Scribus 1.4.4 on Ubuntu 15.04.

Thanks in advance for any help.


It always helps if you can provide a sample file showing the behavior, both SLA an PDF.

Since it's only the page numbers that are the problem you could make a copy of your document, delete all but a few pages  and replace the content with lorem ipsum.



Hi Alias Hannibal,

I'm not sure how long you've been waiting for a solution, but I just figured it out. I was searching too and tried what you had mentioned, since it misaligned my centered text in my header Text Frames. Also, I noticed that the Text Frames for page numbers was making numbers appear vertically, for 2 digit numbers.

So here's the fix: If you double-click the Text Frame with your cursor, that little hand disappears and a flashing cursor line appears. Above the page, on your Ruler, there are blue markers that indicate where the Text Frame starts and ends (this is the horizontal ruler). You only see this when double-clicking on the Text Frame. You will find a little Blue Arrow or Triangle (it looks like both). Hover above it with your mouse and left click and hold to move it with your mouse.

That blue arrow was exactly that little bit further that made everything off center and my little page number text box have my numbers warped. After fixing it, I saved before closing. Went back in, the fix was still there. I saved as Template and it translated well into a new document from that Template.

I hope this solution finds you well. At least you'll know for next time and anyone else looking for the fix too ;)