OS X install of Sribus 1.5.3

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Is there still no version of 1.5 available for mac? I downloaded the latest 1.4 but have had a lot of trouble. It finally got to where I could do nothing with an old or new doc without it freezing. I eliminated all I could find of Scribus on the mac in anticipation for downloading 1.5.3 (or .4).  As it is supposed to operate on new principles, I had hoped this would solve my problems. But now I can find no such download.


you can get there from the official downloads page

- https://www.scribus.net/downloads/
- click on the "take to me downloads" on the right side
- click on the link below "Mac OS X Mavericks or higher"
- click on "scribus-1.5.3.dmg"

et voilà!
(ok, it could be easier)

on top of it, in


you have the "nightly" builds...


Thanks, d.l.e. It was hard to know .dmg was for OS X.


The SourceForge page can be a little confusing, but knowing that a DMG file is one of the ways to install software on OS X is just something that you have to learn if you are using OS X.
Having said that, since the Linux AppImage and Windows EXE installation files have the OS mentioned in their names, it might be good if the OS X one did so as well. That would at least make it more obvious. (The same goes for the stable version of Scribus too.)