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Numbering and page numbering using Devanagari numerals

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Googly Googly:
All the auto numbers for list numbering and page numbering appear in Arabic style.
How to use the Devanagari, Hindi, Bengali etc Indian language numerals for numbering the items and page numbers also? Manually its possible. But, I don't want it manually.


I'm also searching the way to use Hebrew numbering for pages (and lists)


can you use a style on a master page for the Numbering, or just set the number as needed font in master page

Googly Googly:
I want to insert the page number in the master page itself by Insert>Character>Page Number way. By this all the pages will have the page numbers automatically.

The workaround is like make a text box in the master page and add these Hindi numerals manually on each page later on. However, this though possible, has difficulty if any new page is added at the beginning or in the midway, all the page numbers coming after that inserted new page are to be changed manually.

page numbers are managed in the "document settings", under "sections"...

... there you can pick a number style.

pleae, open a ticket in the bugs tracker ( and specify the language you're needing (and be ready to provide the details on how to add the specific language).



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