Possible alignment issues with preflight verifier

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Just want to know whether anybody experienced/experiences any alignment problems with objects when doing preflight verification.  I sometimes encounter problems when I find some objects getting misaligned after doing preflight verificiation.  Have any of you found a remedy for that?

Thanks in advance


Hi Vickie,

Which are getting misaligned:  Text Frames, Picture Frames, Vector Shapes, all the above when you run the preflight verify?  Also which verification are you running, pdf (version), postscript, and are there any errors showing in the preflight window when this happens... Which version of Scribus and OS are you using?  I am running 1.5.3 on a Mac and do not have any problems when I run preflight against pdf 1.5 and postcript, I do not use the others very often for preflighting.  Could you post screenshots of before and after if you can replicate the problem.  Thanks.