Question about artistic image effects in Scribus

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I recently read this tutorial and I have to say, these effects are potentially very useful to someone like me who creates one image-heavy PDF version for print and one for digital. I need to adjust the brightness and contrast of the images for print, and now I won't have to have two copies of every image file. My question is how robust are the Scribus brightness and contrast functions? Are they comparable to GIMP/PS?


Best way to find out is to load up Scribus and give them a shot, I have used them and it does what I expect.


I always recommend using the intended software for the intended purpose, I have nothing against the scribus tools, they're just not for me.  I do not see why you need two versions of every image... I design for the print quality level and then choose the pdf settings to downsample when I export for the second online/digital version.  See if this workflow could work for you.



as far as i know, the image corrections function in scribus should be ok.

i've never heard anybody complaining about them.
but i must admit, that i've never heard of anybody using them in a "serious" workflow either.

personally, i always process the linked files outside of scribus.
this has the nice side effect of making scribus snappier, since it does not have to re-calculate the images over and over!

but, if you want to give it a try, please go ahead! and report the results to this forum so that we know better!

good luck


I think I have good reason to use it. I want to produce the same file for print and digital, but I think lightening and increasing contrast on the images that LS prints will make them look better, but keeping the same effects on the images for digital will make them look oversaturated and washed out. Now I could make double copies of the images, but we are talking a hundred plus large, 300 dpi tiffs. If this is a robust feature it might really save me some storage space.