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I have Raleway installed on my system (Windows 10), but it is not available in Scribus. What could I do to make it usable?


Try this:

Open Scribus.
Cancel the 'New Document' window without opening a document.
Go to File>Preferences and click on the 'fonts' tab in the left hand sidebar.
Click on the 'additional paths' tab
Click 'Add' and use the dialogue box which opens to make your way to the folder* containing your Raleway font.
Click 'Open' and the path to your font folder should now be visible in the 'Additional Paths' panel
Click OK, then close Scribus.
When you open Scribus again, it will search the additional path you just added for fonts which will appear amongst your other fonts in all the appropriate places.

*To find the fonts folder in Windows 10 :


Welcome to the forum jnelson522.

If a font is installed in the normal way - on whichever OS - then Scribus should be able to find it without any extra work from the user.
However, if Scribus finds a problem with the font - for any number of technical reasons - then it won't let you use it.
I've just installed various Raleway variants on Windows 10 - the same fonts were previously installed on OS X - and they work just fine with 1.4.6.
I've attached the ZIP that contains the fonts I installed. Can you un-install the variants you installed and try the ones in the ZIP?
If there's still a problem then we can be fairly confident that it can't be the version of the font you're using that's the cause.

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Thanks, @GarryP and @loggerjack, for your helpful responses.

loggerjack, I first followed your advice. Curiously, when attempting to add the path C:\Windows\Fonts - copying the path from the File Explorer - Scribus gives an error message saying the folder does not exist.

GarryP, I uninstalled the Raleway font and reinstalled, using the files you sent. That did the trick, and Scribus now recognizes the font.

If either of you (or anyone!) has a notion about why Scribus is not recognizing a folder that I can access through other programs, it would be interesting to hear.

Much obliged,