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A vector, text, image TM Logo using only Scribus


Hi Folks,

Utnik will kill me, but here is a TM logo built straight out of the box using only Scribus by a senile computer illiterate about four months ago.  The subject line tells it all, and yes a little knowledge is, in fact, a dangerous thing.  Please note this logo is for my own use, if you're a professional, not only Utnik, but your client too will kill you.


John R

hi john

well – i won't kill jou right away – but…
take a close look at one of the ends of your letter 'V' – or just separate the inner (darker yellow) part of the oval frame and enjoy the bizarre shape generatet by something around 300 nodes…

you could do better, even with scribus. but a vector drawing tool (like inkscape) would make things much easier…
…and i would never use transparency effects like 'multiply' to generate flat colors.


Thanks Utnik, as a untutored illiterate I hope I never have to look into its creation again.  If I have to do something like this again I will download and use Inkscape.  Or I might have the mega-cash to engage someone who knows what they're doing in the first place.  Still in spite of many tears, it was fun.



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