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Hi Folks,

I had to resize an image window (drag and drop an object saved as a .jpg from a .sla) to make the size readable for the "text" in the image.  Resized to about 5/8" x 15/16" from a smaller size.  For some reason when I      re-assigned the width and height and hit the tab button a ghost square appeared out of nowhere.  This had happened once earlier, but disappeared.  This one didn't go anywhere, just stayed as a thick fuzzy box.  I couldn't seem to query or delete it.  I saved the whole page as a .jpg, and gladly when I printed the page, the little box didn't show up.  Everything looked fine (no little box).  Can anyone tell me where this box came from, what it is, and as innocuous as it seems, how to get rid of it.  See the screen shot below.
iMac, OS X 10.11.6, and Scribus 1.5.2


John R.

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hi john

the little square is a warning about the resolution of the image (the square is a replacement for the real warning icon, which is still missing...)
by your rescaling the resolution of the image went outside of the range specified in the 'preflight verifier'.



Thanks Utnik, I hope it helps others.