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Installing Scribus in Spanish?


I installed the latest version of scribus 1.4.0 Release Candidate number 6 (RC6, I install the program in Spanish but in English mcontinua.

I changed again in Spanish language from start / Preferences but continues in English.

As I can definitely change to Spanish?

hello felipergueza

i tried the same with my 1.4.0rc6 (normally used in german). some entries in the menu 'insertar' are in english and some standard entries from the operating system remain in german – the whole rest is in spanish…

did you change the language in: 'file' → 'preferences' → 'general' → 'language' or only in: 'file' → 'preferences' → 'hyphenator' → 'language'?
…you need both, as i think…



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