Dual monitors with Scribus 1.4 RC6 on Windows XP Pro 64

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I'm french user of Scribus, habitually on Fedora for personal usage. But for my job, I'm on Windows. We are "traditionaly" working with InDesign, but I encourage a few people interested in using Scribus. Everything is going relatively well, but I have a small problem with my two monitors :
I open a document on the first monitor and I put the palettes on the second. I close Scribus and when I re-open, all the palettes are piled on the left.

Watch this :

Before -->
After -->
I searched the archives, I found nothing except this thread :
and the answer :

What can I do to keep the palettes in their place ?
Is it a bug or not ?

Thank you for your attention,



hello jean-charles

i work on a single monitor, but scribus should remember the positions of the palettes.
i recommend to file a bug report on http://bugs.scribus.net – usually they care about...



I also work on a single monitor before and I had no problem : the palettes remained in place.
On the other hand, I note that Inkscape does not have this problem with palettes open on the second monitor.

I will report the bug in Mantis.