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Hi all.
I'm new to the forum. I currently have Scribus 1.4.6. I am working on a bi-monthly publication (trying). I have generated a text frame for a Masthead. I have tried to generate different text formats, heights, etc., but have not been able to get the format I want. Every time I try, it wants to default to Arial Regular at 12 pts. I want Felix Titling Regular. Some lines at 20 pt, some at 14 pt, some at 10 or 12 pt. Have not been able to. I even tried making a separate text frame for each line, to no avail. I have tried creating the text in the story editor and it shows the correct format. As soon as I hit the green checkmark, it changes in the text box to the Arial at a 12 pt. This has become very frustration. Can someone help?
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Best solution is to learn to use styles.

But from your description it sounds as if you are changing the "display font" for the Story editor. But that is just the font that is shown in the Story editor, not the font that is shown in the text frame.

Many users swear by editing the text directly in the text frame instead of the story editor (double click the text frame).


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