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I've had problems with pdf printing from scribus generated files for years.  My wife generated a very simple pdf file and we have real problems again. The printer says its out of paper (its not).  The same is the case if you try to print directly from scribus using ps.  Scribus also created a hidden pdf only visible if pressing ctrl-H.  The workaround was to switch the printer of and use the HP device manager to force a print. Anyone else found this and is there a better solution?  1.4.6 linux.


how are you producing the pdf?
(file > export > save as pdf ?)

with which program are you printing the pdf?

can you try to print with a different program?

depending on multiple things, a pdf generated produced by scribus might or not print correctly on home / office printers. but i've never seen a case where it does not print at all.


No Printing issue using CUPS, and HP Linux drivers installed. Linux Mint 18.3, either exporting .pdf or printing from Scribus 1.5.3


Thanks for your replies using mint 18.2 file export pdf using xreader and I tried it and it printed so the bug (since that's what it is) is not 100% reproducible...  Is 1.5.3 the inbuilt version in 18.3?


Not sure, I use the Appimage


Generally, software managers don't provide you with developmental software but it's possible.

The Mint 18.1 Software Manager - I don't know about 18.3 - lets you install what is ostensibly 1.4.6 but there are problems with it.

I can't remember what the problems were exactly but they're documented in a thread somewhere on this forum. (All I can remember is that if Scribus shows a greyscale splash screen then there's something wrong.)


it sounds as if the paper size of the document isnt correct for the printer.
Using Scribus 1.6.1, openSUSE 15.6
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Talking to my wife she tried directly printing from scribus (never seems to work) first its possible that mucked up the printer memory.  Will check paper size...


It's generally recommended that you always print from the PDF and never from Scribus itself.
Use the PDF as your final proof before printing so you know what you should be getting.
Printing from the PDF also helps with problem solving if something goes wrong.
E.g. If the PDF is correct, then any printing problems will much less likely be a Scribus issue.