problem with applying master page

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If this is no the right place to warn you and ask for fixing, sorry and please move to the right place in the forum.
When I was applying the master page to a certain number of pages, logically I wrote first "from" which page and then "to"...
when typing in the field "to", automatically the field "from" changes as the "to" one... so i had to come back to the "from" field and change anew the infos...

Can you fix this problem or there is a version that has still this bug fixed?


I've just done a quick test of the "Apply Master Page" dialog and the only times when I can replicate the issue you report (as I interpret it) is when I specify - either by typing a value or by using the spinners - a "to" page that is given a lower value than the "from" page, or when a "from" page is given a higher value than the "to" page (which is essentially the same thing).

For example, setting "from" as "10" and "to" as "15" is fine. Then changing "to" to "6" makes the "from" value automatically change to "6". That's perfectly normal as the "to" value cannot be lower than the "from" value. In other words, "From 10 to 6" doesn't make sense.

Does this explain what is happening or are you seeing some other behaviour?


Garry thank you for your reply. I've made the same as you in a new file and no problems occurs ... probably there's a bug in my file, due to the fact that I deleted a page, and all the master page went wrong...
As usual... I'm the one who finds and create bugs!! XD