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Hi, I'm working on a book where I have these dividing images between sections within a chapter. The image is a silhouette of a bird flying in the distance. It's the same image throughout the book in all chapters. I had to make some refinements to the image and now I have to replace them. Is there another way to replace the images (they are all linked to the same jpg file), besides replacing them through get image then aligning them through the align_image_in_frame script? Is there a way to do a search and replace on the linked file? That would make this replacement a whole lot easier.



Because Scribus maintains links to image files, whenever an underlying image file changes, those changes should automatically be reflected in the document.

However, if you give the updated image file a different name, Scribus cannot track that so you will have to manually change all of the places the file is referenced (unless you use some kind of script).

As far as I know there's no way - within Scribus itself - to search/replace on images. There's a search function in the Manage Images dialog but that's just for locating images that might have moved. It might be usable for what you want but it's still a manual process.

My recommendation would be to keep the same filename/location for the images while keeping a saved copy of previous versions with different names. That way, Scribus always points to the latest copy while you can keep older versions to go back to if necessary.

For example, if you have a file "butterfly.jpg" then copy it to your Scribus document folder (or wherever you want) and give it the name "butterfly-live.jpg". If you need to change the image, save/copy it under the name "butterfly-old1.jpg" and change the "butterfly-live.jpg" as necessary. On the next change, save the file as "butterfly-old2.jpg" etc. etc. Doing this gives you an 'audit trail' of old versions of the image while Scribus always uses the latest version.


Thank you. That makes sense. I'll try it.