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Using 1.5.3 I had been having trouble with tabs, I was able to get past them and started using the tabulator again
I have 2 tabs set up with dots, 1 is for 10 digit phone numbers, 2 is for 7 digit phone number on same line (works great)

what I need is a third and forth Tab without dots in order to have extra phone numbers on a second line.

Bob Jones.......................555-1212
So Anso..................777-555-1313
                        cell 777-555-1314 

I do this by hand now, sometimes numbers won't line up on the second line


Not a solution for your problem, but why do you need different tabs for different length numbers? Use a right aligned tab instead (then you will get a straight right margin).


yep, use two different styles, with different tabs definitions...


thanks, will give both options a shot, Tabs and style used to crash me, so I stopped using them, seems stable now