Image will not load into image frame

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 I amusing SCRIBUS 1.4.6

Windows 7

I created a 10-page newsletter. Nothing fancy or exotic.

I have created image frames. I am using a photo layer.

I go to the page I want to add the photo. I draw an image box. I right click the image box, and then select get image.

The image I want is in the folder that I keep the newsletter files- images, text, etc. In this instance it is a JPEG.

I select the image and I click on it and get the load hourglass.

Then the hourglass stops and no image fills the image frame. Nothing.

I don't understand. Is the file too big? why does it cut out?  Is there a max size to the newsletter.

I can open a new document, make an imagine frame, get image and one pops into the frame, mo problem.

Why won't it work on my newsletter file.

I have two different newsletters and now that's happening on both of those files.

Please help, I am confused by this and lost.


if the image is really big you could hit a memory issue, yes...

but i have never heard of anybody having such an issue...


Thanks for the reply.

This is the first photo I am putting into the newsletter.

The photo could be 4 MB but the newsletter at that point is only 177 KB.


if you can share the image (in public or private), it's easier to give you further help...


Welcome to the forum GregM.

I usually find that "cleaning" an image by putting it through GIMP - open the image in GIMP, accept any changes it wants to make, and then export with a different name - usually fixes things. (You don't need to properly learn GIMP as you're only using the File menu.)

I don't know exactly why this generally works but it's usually something technical to do with colour profiles and suchlike.

Two other things to think about are:
1. If you are putting your photos on a specific layer, make sure that the layer is set to visible in the Layers palette. It's easy enough to accidentally switch this off.
2. Check the DPI of the image. If it's set to something silly - like 30000 DPI - then you could have the image in the frame but not be able to see it because it's too small.


Another issue can be that the image is zoomed in so only a white/transparent part of the image shows. Right-clicking and selecting Adjust image to fram will solve this.

Happends to me very often when images have a way to high resolution.



the scary white top left corner!

that could really be!


OKAY - Thanks - I will give these a try and report back. I have been using GIMP and other varieties, so I'll try the GIMP scrub.


I am not sure what happened.

I think the .sla file was corrupted. I chose another newsletter shell that was a .sla file and then was able to load the photo.

Do these .sla extension files corrupt easily?

I do thank everyone for the suggestions and I looked into every one of them. That did give me an opportunity to learn about both GIMP and Scribus.


SLA files are just XML (text) and are no more or less susceptible to 'corruption' than other files, depending on what you mean by corruption. One thing they have on their side, compared to proprietary-format files, is that if the file does become corrupted in some way you can use a text editor to try and fix the problem (as long as you can understand the XML).

I've been using Scribus for a while now and can't remember ever having an SLA that didn't load back into the application that produced it. (1.5.x files can't be opened by earlier versions but that's to be expected.)

It's unusual to have the same problem with two separate files but if they were generated from the same original document then I would guess that it was the original document that was wrong in some way. As, has been said, SLAs are just XML it would be unusual if the file itself had a problem but you never know how the document was created. There's a chance that it was created via a script and the script created the problem but that's difficult to prove without the original. If you can attach the original then someone might be able to pick through it to find out what's wrong.

Overall it's better to use your own documents rather than relying on other people's templates and suchlike. It can be a lot more work at first but once you get the hang of using Scribus it's pretty easy to knock up something usable which can be refined later.