PDF file for IngramSpark/ Lightning Source Printing

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I am creating a file in Scribus 1.4.6 for POD with IngramSpark. The book is a photo book with lots of two page spread color photos. The IngramSpark PDF Creation Guide suggests:

Files for Color Printing:

Lightning Source/IngramSpark recommends submitting color files in CMYK mode, without the use of ICC profiles. Files submitted in RGB or with an ICC profile may appear as intended in the digital file and/or eproof, however, once converted to CMYK, the colors may appear washed out or muddy.

I created a POD hard proof from the same PDF file I am going to submit to IngramSpark with Createspace and indeed the colors looked terrible.

Question: How do I convert the PDF POD file to a CMYK color space? I don't see any color space options in the Export>Save PDF in Scribus. Do I need to go through each photo in the book and convert the color space in Photoshop? (I believe the color space on the photos is either AdobeRGB or sRGB.)

Related issue: On the CreateSpace hard proof the cover looked fine. It was only the interior pages that were washed out and muddy. Should convert the cover images to CMYK anyway?

EDIT: I just saw the Color Management tab in the Scribus Preferences. Do I activate it? Will that help?