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Overnight I found all my English menus changed to some Asian language.  Of course I cannot go back since I can't decipher it.  How do I find my language default without the ability to read?




Try looking for the prefs140.xml file (on Windows it's in Users/<username>/AppData/Roaming/Scribus) - for 1.5.x versions it will be prefs150.xml.
Open the file in a plain text editor - such as NotePad on Windows or TextEdit on Mac - and search for "gui_language", then change the value to "en_GB".
Save the file and start Scribus.
Then, if you're back to an English UI, it should be easier to set the language back to what you want.


hi guillaume

- install the same version of scribus on a different computer that you can put next to your current computer
- on the new computer go to the file > preferences
- find out where you have a latin language and pick it in both by counting the number of entries (if you have "no language" on top, pick that one... it's the easiest one : - )
- press on the "ok" button
- re-open the preferences to pick english.

if this does not work for you, you can delete the preferences on the disk and get scribus to start from a clean state... how you do it, depends on your OS.
on linux, you'll have to remove the ~/.config/scribus directory


Hello.  I was able to click  "user_preferences" but that was all that could be clicked.  Cannot replace value "zh_TW" that looked like the one to replace.  I don't know how to continue.  Do you have more suggestions?  Thanks for a first response.

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How did you open the file?

What GarryP did not mention is that you should open it in a text editor to change it. It looks as if you opened it with a web browser.


I've edited my earlier post to (hopefully) make the instructions more clear and obvious.


When I turned to OpenOffice to find the file prefs150.xml to edit, the words "General input/output error" confronted me.  I then turned my attention to WordPad and the file came up albeit with faint font.  Locating "gui_language"  I changed the language to "en_GB" and saved.  Going back to File Explorer I found the change.  Finally I opened Scribus:  wonderful! All menus were back to their old selves, back to normal, back to English.  It is thanks to you guys that I owe this success.  Your instructions were precise.  I am so glad.  What would one do without the forum?  I am still wondering how the unwelcome change had been made... Thank you all!


You're welcome.

It's good to know that the problem has been fixed. (You may still need to change to another language if you don't want the GB English spellings.)

How Scribus managed to change the value to "zh_TW" in the first place remains a mystery.

P.S. I have edited the post above again to try and make the instructions even more clear.


One final word:  I am at ease in both French and English; no need to make changes.
--Good bye