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Current printing office needs to have paper setup that is exactly same as printing area, without any margins. Is it somehow possible to visually add margins to Scribus viewport? Or maybe print only "printable" area without margins?

Best regs.


I'm not sure what you mean.

The margins are there for you only as a layout guide and should have nothing to do with the printing process. It's the same for the grid and the guides, they aren't included in the PDF on export (as far as I know).

If you could explain more about what the problem is then there's probably a better answer. (Maybe it's just a mix-up of technical terms but I don't think you mean "margins" in this instance.)


in the pdf export you can choose to clip to the printer margins... is this what you need?

p.s.: you should not directly print from scribus, but first create a pdf and print that... but if the printing works for you... go on : - )


I think I understand.

The printer want the PDF page size to match what I would call the "art box". And this will be printed on paper that is larger than the document size, giving the final result margins that are "outside" the PDF.

This means what is shown in Scribus is not the "page", but rather just "the middle of the page".