Creating a multi-level table of contents or index

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Does anyone know how to create a multi-level table of contents. I'm trying to create a recipe book and want to generate the names of recipe under the headings: meat, fish, vegetables etc, AND i also want to create an index based on key ingredients.

I've worked out how to use the attributes to tag text frames so that they appear in a table of contents, and created attributes for TOC and TOCHeading. I can generate a table of content with one or other of the attributes, but when i try to generate them into the same text frame, the second one overwrites the first instead of listing them both.

Am stuck, so any help appreciated.


for the toc, for now, you'd better create it manually...

and if this is not practical for your book, it's a sign that you'll probably have other problems in using scribus further on...

for the index it's a different issue...

concerning the index: scribus does not support indexes, either.
there are a few workarounds... if you still are interested in using scribus for your project, i think that we can discuss about it...

and, for the future, there are solutions in the working for both the TOC and the index!


Thanks - will create TOC with all levels the same and edit - it's not too much work. I thought i could do something with attributes and put things as children or parents on other attributes, but this doesn't seem have any effect when creating a TOC.

Good to know that TOCs and Indexes will be sorted out at some point in the future - i like what i have seen of Scribus so far. Would be interested in work arounds for index, if you can point me in the right direction.

Bob Fournier

Interested in writing one or more books and would appreciate any help to avoid disasters.