Table background color not working

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Hi all,

I've been using Scribus for some years now, and today I'm running into an issue that hasn't been an issue before: I can't seem to change the background color of a table anymore. When I mark the table (or single fields in the table) and then hit F2 -> Color, no matter what color I choose, nothing happens. Before, the color got changed instantly.

I can change the background color of, say, text areas. It only seems to affect tables, existing ones and newly created ones. Does anyone have an idea?

Scribus 1.5.8 on Ubuntu 22.04.



did you try an F3 for content properties?


Oh- I didn't know you could do it that way as well. This worked perfectly, which solves my problem but still leaves me puzzled why there is no effect when I use the way I always used.

Thank you, Pat, you really helped me on!

Wishing you a fab day