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Hi there,
I am a beginner with Scribus, I am reading the documentation for the beginners and playing around a little with a test document.
I learnt how to create Text Frames and how to link them to make text flows from one frame to another, but I can't find a way to use different styles on different frames.

This is what I'd like to do: my left page has a black background and white text, while the right page has white background and black text. I have created two linked frames flowing from left to right: how can I change the style on the right frame without changing the right one?

Thanks for any help you might provide



Welcome to the forum Luca.

I don't think what you want to do is possible without creating two different styles. Paragraph styles can be applied to paragraphs individually - not just the whole text - and character styles can be applied to bits of text smaller than paragraphs.

See the attached - very basic - document where I have created two character styles and two paragraph styles based on those character styles.

Double-click either of the text frames and start putting the cursor in different paragraphs watching how the paragraph style changes in the Properties Palette when you go between the frames.

If a paragraph spans two frames you will need to format that paragraph with the two character styles.

It's not a great solution but until Scribus gets an "Invert" blend mode I think it's all you can reasonably do. (I would be very interested in reading any other solutions though as I might have forgotten something.)

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Thank you Garry.
I thought to do something like this to workaround the issue, but I hoped Scribus to have a better way to handle this.
So I will proceed as you suggested, thanks.

Have a nice evening



You're welcome.

I played around with a few ideas but I couldn't get anything like what you want in any kind of automatic way.
That doesn't necessarily mean it's not possible, but I've a feeling that it can't be done any more easily.