Curvy Texts?

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I am trying to make text follow a circle, and found 2 seemingly godo posts to help me:

But, one step does not work for me.  I create a text box and a circle.

In one of the example, I am asked to convert the circle to a bezier curve, the  other not.

After that, I am asked to select:   Item: Attach to Path

But, I can not select both items (text and circle) at the same time.  I am also given a grayed out Attach to Path.

Idea as to what I might be missing?




Welcome to the forum smokinjo.

Attaching text to a bezier curve should work without any extra steps. Draw the curve, create a text frame containing the text, select both the curve and text frame, menu "Item -> Attach Text to Path". It should work. The same goes for putting the text on a circle; you shouldn't need to manually convert anything.

Why can't you select both the curve/circle and the text at the same time? Are they on different layers? You can only multiple-select from the same layer (as of 1.4.6).

Also, "Attach Text to Path" will always be greyed out if the two selected objects are not compatible for that function. Even if you have more than one curve/circle selected it should still attach the text to one of them.

As a final check, make sure you haven't converted the text to outlines. The text has to be text in a text frame.

If the above doesn't help, could you supply the document?


Thanks Garry

I retried it after reading your email.  I do nto think that I changed any thing.  But, it worked.

Not sure what happened, but it worked.  I am happy!

I have one more issue with my newly curved text.   I noticed that  IO\ need to change the attributes of the text after making it into a curve.  That was easy enough.

But, the shape that I chose, it still have lines around it that are visible.

How to I eliminate th shape, and I only have a curved text that remains>




You're welcome.

Apologies for the delay in answering; for some reason your reply didn't show up in my list of updated posts.

I'm not sure what you mean about the lines around the text but - if they are what I think they are - you should find that they disappear when you go into Preview Mode or export the document (or you could use menu "View -> Show Frames" to switch them off). Those lines are just showing you where text could be and are not part of the document.

P.S. Don't forget about the "Path Text Properties" section that appears under the Text settings in the Properties Palette. They're easy to miss if you don't know what to look for.