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Hi, I am getting a note back from my printer that fonts are not properly embedded in my pdf can anyone help? Here is what I am doing:

I am using mathjax fonts, I untick the subset box for them in the font section of the document preferences.
I export as a pdf, select pdf/x-1a compatibility as instructed by my printer.
I check all the fonts are in the embed box, not the outline box and they are.

Any help greatly appreciated!


Welcome to the forum lesleysprite.

I don't use MathJax myself but a quick look in the documentation shows that: "MathJax contains customized webfont versions of [the above] fonts." It sounds like they've been messed around with in some way and that might be making it difficult for Scribus to embed them properly. The fonts are cusomised for the web, rather than being "normal" DTP fonts.

It's also possible that Scribus can't embed the fonts - for various reasons - even if it says it is going to do so. It's difficult to diagnose the actual problem in these cases as even some fonts that are marked internally as embeddable are not embedded by Scribus.

I realise this doesn't help much but could you try using different fonts, or do you really have to use the MathJax fonts?


Welcome lesleysprite,

Would your printer accept the file with the fonts outlined? I know that I prefer receiving files with the fonts outlined, btw I am a commercial printer.