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So I find this a bit odd, With Scribus 1.5.3 I have set my default font to Times New Roman, Yet when ever I select text from left to right it defaults to Arial if I select right to left its Times New Roman as it should be
if I click on an empty space after a line of Times, I get Arial....

I would like it to always default to Times New Roman


I don't know about 1.5.3 but where are you setting the default font?
Are you changing the font in the Default character/paragraph styles or are you changing the font using the Document Setup/Preferences Tools function?
I believe that the Default styles are created for new documents from the Tools setting but changing the Tools setting doesn't change existing document styles, but I could be wrong.
It's probably worth having a play around and seeing what happens.
P.S. I have no idea why selecting LTR or RTL should make any difference. Sounds odd to me, but maybe that's just 1.5.3. (Hey, that rhymes!)


Document Prefs, actually place I find mention of font I check and see or set default if I can, I'll check styles maybe I missed something.
You are a Scribe and a Poet didn't you know it


Well its Odder than I thought, everything shows as times, when I do a new text frame defaults to Arial (this is in existing document from 1.5.2)
however when I make a new page, Scribus works as expected.