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Help Installing RC6 tar.bz2 in Ubuntu 11.10

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I am running Linux mint 12 (based on Ubuntu). I am having a similar problem. I have changed my repository to move to the more current Scibus. That seems to be Ok, but when I open the synaptic package manager, I can see a Scribus-ng with upgrade to button (upgrade to RC6). When I do this, I get a libaspell15 dependency issue.

It reads:
  Depends: libaspell15 (>=0.60.7~20110707) but 0.60.6-6 is to be installed"

in the terminal, I have tried to use sudo apt-get install libaspell15, but I get that the most current is installed.

Therefore, does anyone know how I can get a the updated libaspell15 0.60.7 or higher installed?

Thanks for all suggestions.

Meho R.:
1. Which repository did you add from here? Mint 12 is based on Ubuntu Oneiric, right?

2. Final 1.4.0 is out, so you shouldn't install scribus-ng, but scribus package.

Thanks Meho R.

I had added:
deb unstable main - which I assume was incorrect.

But now I have removed all the scribus repositorys (I had a couple?) and added the Ubuntu Oneiric Ocelot (oneiric or 11.10): deb oneiric main

I then clicked on the upgrade button next to Scribus ng - now i have Scribus 1.4 RC6 installed with no problem.

Thanks so much.


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