Javascript problem Scribus 1.5.3

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Hello to all people in this forum.

While producing a new PDF form for a colleague I discoverd a very annoying problem using different scribus versions.

Normaly I produce all PDF in 1.4.6 but because curiosity kills the cat I tried to switch to 1.5.3. (YES, I saved the 1.4.3 version to a backup file and worked with the new one on 1.5.3)

There's a start up script in my PDF running each time the file is opened. This script should set a date field and a radio button and hide a textfield:

var f = this.getField("TextDruckdatum");
f.value = util.printd("", new Date());

this.getField("TextBeschraenkung").display = display.hidden;
this.getField("RadioBefristNein").value = 'Yes';

This works fine when I produce the PDF with 1.4.6 but wont work with 1.5.3 except the setting of the field containing the date value.

What's wrong here??  ::)

I'm out of ideas ...