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Roy Leith:
I'm using V1.4 RC2 which I know is still a work in progress. However, since moving to V1.4 after upgrading to Kubuntu 11.04 and 11.10, I notice that the displayed colours in bit-mapped images in image frames have colours swapped about. Reds are displayed as green no matter what quality of display is chosen.

It is not a problem for me as the final print is fine and so are exported pdfs. I have usually tidied the images in Gimp and so I know the original image quality.

It seems to happen on both of my machines. If it is any help I am using an HP, network connected colour laser printer and a Postscript driver.

I thought I ought to mention it in case there is a more general problem affecting other folk.

Roy Leith

hello roy

i have never heard about this, but i would recommend to switch to 1.4.0.rc6 and see if the problem persists.


I bet it's the "out of gamut" warning you see. The default is to show it as green (probably because colors that most often are out of gamut are NOT greens).

Roy Leith:
The condition green was, as suggested, an 'out of gamut' warning. I am now trying to find colour management settings for my printer rather than turn it off, all together.


Roy Leith

Roy Leith:
I've not had much luck with colour management, so far. I have selected Adobe RGB in the printer driver and in the Scribus monitor colour management setting, but I don't have it listed in the Scribus printer colour management settings.

I have tried several settings, but always get the 'out-of-gamut- warning. Perhaps I need to firtle Gimp to enforce gamut limits during editing.

Does anyone know where to find the .icc template for Adobe RGB for the printer, and where to put it after I've got it!

Roy Leith


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