No Text edit option in Properties Palette Scribus1.5.3 PLEASE HELP!

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Please help - and note I am not a techie!

Put together book for lady I work in Scribus 1.4, very simple, just using text and image frames. But could not embed images. Downloaded 1.5.3. File corrupted on saving. Now re-doing from scratch (unpaid this time!).
BUT when I click on properties for a text frame there is no section within that for editing text. And I cannot edit in SE. I need to set the text size to specific pts and the line spacing to different specific pts.

Please advise - in very simple language - I'm a composer not a computer person!

Thank you, Amy


hi amy

in scribus 1.5.x the text properties are in a separate palette. you'll find it under 'windows' → 'text properties' (f3).
...but independent of the scribus version, the better way to set the main text properties is usually to define text styles ('edit' → 'styles') – and apply them via 'text properties'...



Welcome to the forum Amy.

It might be too late but I would recommend only using the stable version of Scribus - 1.4.6 - until you are comfortable with how it works before trying the developmental versions - 1.5.x. As you can see in utnik's answer above, the 1.5.x versions do things differently and a lot of the workflows and advice on forums and in articles may not work the same way.

As for your original problem, I'm curious as to what you mean by "could not embed images". Could you give a more information about what the problem actually was please? Placing images in image frames is usually pretty solid in Scribus but Scribus doesn't "embed" images as you might expect. This area gets a bit technical and there are certain exceptions so it's better if you can say exactly what you were trying to do and what you expected. That way we can probably help more.

Basically, if - as you say - you're not a techie, you're probably not trying to do anything complicated and as such the solution is probably just to learn how Scribus works. You can probably do what you want quite easily but it's simply a matter of knowing how to do it "the Scribus way".